[Freeswitch-users] Gateway auth username

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Sat Apr 19 19:12:43 PDT 2008

Here are all the possible values for a gateway: (someone can wikify  

Mark if none of this clears up send me the account details and i'll  
whip up some xml.

register (true or false like when you don't want to register but want  
to auth to a gateway)

schema  (Currently should be left blank which is Digest by default)

realm (authorization realm in some cases you might need to set this)

username (this is the authorization and from username in the  
registration unless from-user is set.)

password (well the password)

caller-id-in-from (for those times the callerid is in the from for  
when the remote doesn't do rpid or p-asserted)

extensions (this is the contact extension for the remote to contact)

proxy (defaults to the gateway name unless you set this param)

context (what context this gateway is in)

expire-seconds (how many seconds to register for default is 3600 if  
left empty)

retry-seconds (this sets the number of seconds to retry the  

from-user (the username used in the from field defaults to the  
username if left empty)

from-domain (the domain to use in the from field)

register-proxy (for those times you have a proxy you register with and  
a different proxy to send calls to defaults to gateway name or proxy  
if left empty)

contact-params (extra contact params ie tport=tcp)

register-transport (udp,tcp or tls if you have it enabled)

Hope this helps someone.


On Apr 19, 2008, at 5:30 PM, Mark Campbell-Smith wrote:

> Hi!
> Hopefully an easy question...
> What is the parameter to define the authorization username for a  
> gateway?
>     <param name="username" value="didnumber"/>
>     <param name="password" value="password"/>
> I also need something like:
>     <param name="auth-user" value="username"/>
> I've tried auth-user, auth-username, extra-auth-user etc, but none  
> seem to work....
> Thanks!
> /Mark
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