[Freeswitch-users] New feature - NAT handling, keep-alive OPTIONS

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Wed Apr 16 11:56:07 PDT 2008

Michael Jerris napsal(a):
> I think with the volume of calls you are handling, this is one place  
> where openser will serve you better than freeswitch.  You said you  
> already have openser in this role, why would you not want to use it?

Because I need B2BUA (for topology hiding, crappy UACs interconnection 
etc.). And, besides it, I have to work with media (transcoding betwwen 
codecs, DTMF translation, IVRs, VoiceMail...).


Some time ago I have started with Asterisk, because it was very, very 
simple. After a while I found some Asterisk limitations and tried to 
overcome them. But it was a pain, year by year.

Thou I decided "I can live without B2BUA", do all the "job" on proxy, 
and utilize Asterisk only as VoiceMail server.

Now i know I can't live without B2BUA (for technical and law reasons). 
And I hope FreeSWITCH could do all the job :-)

For the projects I need only and only performance, I stay with OpenSER, 
but for anything else I will be glad I can replace it with something 
like FreeSWITCH. Because it is B2BUA, handles media and do whatever I 
mentioned above or think about...
And even thou, if I look at my OpenSER scripts few months after I wrote 
them I am always very surprised how it is possible that they work :-)

Best regards,


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