[Freeswitch-users] Asterisk vs. Freeswitch - added question

Marek Górecki marek at telesave.pl
Wed Apr 16 06:40:06 PDT 2008

Hi FreeSWecialists,
I'd like to extend title question for more details:
assuming Asterisk efficiency (concurrent 'normal' calls processing) for given hardware
(meaning any, but fixed configuration server) as 1
[ normal call understood as no codec translation, no tricks, nothing special - just one
SIP call comes in and is connected according to dialplan to other SIP B#. I try to
explain maybe to simple, but I'd like to learn the simplest. ]

what should be expected FS efficiency on same hardware ?

[ it was already few times mentioned similar data on this list, but never in clear way,
so I'd like to ask current, experienced users ]

TkX in advance.


> Hi,
> This question may have come up a few times already.   I am working on
> a application to provide IVR, voicemail, and tailored call routing
> services.  The SIP registration will be handled by Openser, and
> Asterisk is only doing the media function.   We are talking about over
> 100 users.
> Is Freeswitch better than Asterisk in terms of functionality,
> ease-of-maintain, and ease-of-use?
> Thanks alot in advance for your inputs.
> Pete
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