[Freeswitch-users] woomera

Josip Djuricic josip.djuricic at primatel.hr
Sat Apr 12 05:12:25 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I know mod_woomera is deprecated, but is there any way to make it work 
with current stable release of fs?

I would need it for simplest task, nothing too fancy... just to be sure 
incoming and outgoing calls work stable...

I'm currently using yate as a sip-to-h323 converter, because my as5300 
has some problems talking with freeswitch (when we are making incoming 
calls), and now I have incoming fax problems as mentioned yesterday. 
It's definetely not FS issue, now I just ain't sure anymore if it's a 
yate or as5300 issue, will try direct h323 to patton interconnect to see 
it more closely.

Best regards,


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