[Freeswitch-users] [Freeswitch-dev] bad REGISTER processing

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Sat Apr 12 02:38:08 PDT 2008

Anthony Minessale napsal(a):
> The point of that NDLB-nat-connectile-dysfunction param is to perform a 
> hack on the RFC and ignore the contact given in the packet and replace 
> it in our database with our own contact we formulate by using the IP and 
> PORT the packet was received from. Thus the PORT has to be included 
> because sending invites to that exact IP and PORT is the only way we 
> know will make it back over the NAT translation path.
> If you register to me on a public server and you say your contact is 
> foo at <mailto:foo at>. but I see the NAT hack enabled on 
> your account.  I notice the packet was received from a valid internet 
> IP:PORT since I cannot reach <> I replace the 
> host from your real contact with the IP you registered from. and I 
> append the PORT the register came from and save that as a contact.  Then 
> if i send an invite to that url it will go backwards over your NAT path 
> assuming you are doing keepalives on SIP.

Thank you, Anthony, for your answer!
It is clear to me and I think, there is no dispute between us.

But I just still don't catch why modifeid contact should be in 200 OK
response to REGISTER request. I thought the 200 OK response could
contain the same contact you received and you just store modified one
for later INVITE/NOTIFY/etc processing.

I had looked into sources and than slightly modified sofia_reg.c (5 
lines of code :-) and everything works as I want.
If someone interested, I send the modified version, but:
1. I accidentaly delete original sofia_reg.c so I can't make a diff.
2. It is simple stupid workaround and I realy don't know what other 
things I break with it...

About our other debate:
We both have unmatched view about what I meant in my e-mails. I feel bad 
about it, but I can do nothing with it. So, if you can, forget the 
debate please, and make peace together :-)

Best regards,


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