[Freeswitch-users] [Freeswitch-dev] bad REGISTER processing

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Fri Apr 11 08:23:13 PDT 2008

Anthony Minessale napsal(a):
> The main reason we write the port in that case is because the idea of 
> that nat hack is to make the contact
> be the exact ip/port the register came from.  Because of NAT it's some 
> random port so putting the port in the contact is the only
> way we can get the packet back to the phone from our scope of the SIP 
> stack. 

Thank you very much, Anthony, for your explanation!
I'm not sure I understand well, but I try to read it once more or look 
into sources to get a clue :-)

> Any more advanced techniques need to be applied
> by a router such as openser or from the sofia stack itself. You can 
> visit them in #sofia-sip on the same irc server as ours.

OK, thank you for pointing me to right direction, I will ask someone 
from Sofia.

> First of all I would like to complement us on our ability to keep up 
> with you.
> Just as a hint, you are starting to abuse our help by asking for an 
> average of 3 incidents a day this week.

First of all, let me apologize if my comments looks like I try to abuse 
your willingness. It is not what I want.

For my defence I like to say that majority of my messages are bug-reports...

> Do people you pay money even help you that much?

As my voluntary work I'm active in some local VoIP forum and try to help 
others with things I have enough knowledge about. May be I don't need 
much brain power to answer the questions because most of them are very 
simple, but there is a huge amount of them per day.
And thus I never think about how much someone can ask me and how much I 
could ask others. It is my mistake, let me apologize.

> Let me give you a few pointers on how to get along with us.  You may or 
> may not have done all of these things
> but I am listing them for your information.  I am not telling you to 
> stop bringing up issues but be careful about dominating our time.

To every Open Source project I have involved in I try to help as much as 
I can. And the best thing I can do (due to my home lab setup :-) is 
finding bugs. And I think I'm good at it :-)
It sounds very strange to me your are so displeased with it, but I 
respect your wishes, of course.

> You may want to also use  http://jira.freeswitch.org as a more formal 
> way to track your problems.

OK, if I see it is not avoidable, I insert it in the jira.

> 1) Please do not take the extra time to provide any justification to why 
> you think we *should* do something just to help your case.

If I ever used "should" I never meant to force you to help me. It was 
just advice about what could help FreeSWITCH to be better - from my 
point of view. Nothing more.
If it bother you, I never repeat it.

>     Feel free to ask but do not use what someone else does as an 
> excuse.  If everyone in Europe was jumping off a cliff, should we too?
>     This includes used car salesman techniques like using statements 
> like "I have this simple app and it doesn't work how I want. 
>     If this were a real soft-switch it would do this....."
> 2) Do not use RFC as a bible.  When someone wants something they tend to 
> stand up on a soapbox and wave it in the air.
>     Meanwhile when something else inconvenient happens like NAT where  
> breaking the RFC usually fixes it, then it's ok.
>     We all know we should try to work as close to the RFC as possible.  
> We also all know it's impossible to actually work right
>     at 100% RFC compliance unless you live on a commune full of SIP 
> purists.  So avoid quoting the RFC to prove your point.

I'm sorry, in confers I contribute to there is a frequent practice to 
support the thoughts by exact RFC content and I just bring this practice 
with me to FreeSWITCH conference, because I'm very accustomed with it.
You tell me it is not wonted - ok, I stop it.

>     Save it for rare occasions.  The Sofia SIP stack does a lot of work 
> to comply and they do a good job you should thank them.

I'm very thankful to them, but I hope it doesn't mean I couldn't think 
about improvements. Like on any other projects.

> 3) Keep it in mind that FreeSWITCH is developed primarily by me and I 
> only have so many hours in a day.
>     I am more than happy to answer questions and help people but be sure 
> to give others a turn too.

I'm sorry. I'm accustomed to send bug reports to dev-lists and I just 
continue in this practice with FreeSWITCH. If it is not desired, I stop 
it and use jira exlusively.

>     Try asking more questions on the users list or the irc channel to 
> give others a chance to help too.

I hope I have asked questions in user-list. If not, let me apologize, it 
was an oversight...

> 4) When you feel yourself crossing the line from testing the waters to 
> going in production, consider getting a support contract or the visiting
>     the donation and/or wishlists so you can give back to the project 
> and put smiles on underprivileged developer's faces for pennies a day.

Majority of projects I'm using VoIP SW in are non-profit and costs me 
not only a lot of time but real money too.
But - wheter I ever will use FreeSWITCH in production or not, I do what 
I can to support it because I see big potential in it.
Besides like I do for any other SW project I feel truly amazing...

Best regards,


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