[Freeswitch-users] No outgoing media on SIP endpoints

Chris Chen chris.chen2004 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 10:32:35 PDT 2008

I am new to free switch, and I am pretty amazed by the features and
potentials of it.

After reading a lot from wiki site and lists, I managed to make the
freeswitch rc2 up and running on my centos 5, and had the sip extension 1000
on Bria 2.1and sip extension 1001 on xlite 3.0 registered from my XP PC to
the freeswitch on centos, also have four extensions 1004-1007 on Grandstream
4004 and two extensions 1010 and 1011 on PAP2-NA all registered on
freeswicth, I was able to hear music on hold by dialing 9999 and joined
conference 300x, I could call each other  and saw  presence  of the
extensions on  Bria 2.1 , and the extensions  could  answer the ringing.

But I coudn't  hear the remote calling party after answering each of the
call, I only heard the voice mail prompt, when I dialed any number  1 or 2
or 3 or any digit, seemed no DTMF detection and no audio  being sent.

Could you guys  shed some light on this  and  put me to the right direction?

Your guidance is much appreciated.


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