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> > You're right -- this is a commercial issue, not a technical issue --
> and I
> > would expect that other providers/carriers operate the same way (my
> > circuits are with Bell Canada).
> Bell Canada?!?  That explains *all* of your pain! :P
> Okay, thanks for the info.  I'm still waiting to hear back from my
> carrier(s) on whether they support this feature.  BTW, my carriers have
> DMS500 switches in the C.O.'s... to the best of your knowledge do the
> Nortel's support TBCT?
> Thanks!
> -MC

I think DMS100/250/500 can all support this capability -- for both ISUP and
PRI interfaces.  They refer to it as the RLT feature.  I would be interested
in hearing how the carriers you deal with charge for this service.

Extract from DMS250 feature list:

Release Link Trunk (RLT) enables you to optimize trunk facilities by
releasing PRI circuits after call bridging or redirection occurs. Without
the use of RLT, calls that are extended to an enhanced services platform and
subsequently bridged to a third party would need to be maintained, tying up
additional resources. PRI RLT allows bridging or redirection to take place
at the DMS-250 system so that corresponding circuits to the enhanced
services platform can be released.

-- Ron

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