[Freeswitch-users] Dynamic SIP Gateways to register with

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Mon Apr 7 12:52:20 PDT 2008

David Knell napsal(a):
> Hi Kukoska,
> I did this using mod_xml_curl, which worked fine: you also need to poke
> appropriate commands in to FreeSWITCH to have it reload the profiles
> for whichever gateways you change.
> Cheers --
> Dave

Thank you very much, David, for your answer!

I'm afraid I didn't catch it :-) Could you explain it to me a little bit 
more detailed?
In what case (and when) Fresswitch do the curl lookup on gateways? On 
every call? And how this https-post lookes like?

Thanks once more, regards


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