[Freeswitch-users] mem leak and core dump

Anthony Minessale anthmct at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 09:21:31 PST 2007

please disable the crash-protection option in switch.conf.xml
and execute the command 'ulimit -c unlimited' from your unix shell before you start freeswitch..

here are some other ulimits you may want to turn up for high-volume calls:

ulimit -d unlimited
ulimit -f unlimited
ulimit -i unlimited
ulimit -n 999999
ulimit -q unlimited
ulimit -u unlimited
ulimit -v unlimited
ulimit -x unlimited
ulimit -s unlimited
ulimit -l unlimited

also you can use the unix command "script" to log all the console output to a file so you can capture all of the output for us to examine.

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Caught signal 11 for unmapped thread!

On 11/23/07, Freeswitch Freeswitch <freeswitch at 2ride.com> wrote:

Now I have updated to the latest trunk as of Nov 21 and moved to a fedora 7 system.

Still chasing random crashes of FS.  First time this happened last night there were around 1000 sessions up.
Crit error was logged referring to a signal caught on an unmapped thread.  I wasn't able to catch the specific signal in the console before it scrolled off.  This morning I had another crash.  This time around 200 sessions running.  There was no logging reported during the second crash.

Calling scenario is about as simple as it gets.

gw1 -> freeswitch -> gw2 all sip
codecs, 729 and 711 
transcoding off

I have been playing with the various rtp knobs in the sofia conf.  Sometimes running with rewriting rtp timerstamps, sometimes not.  Also tried with soft timer and off. ( can someone point me to an explanation of what the soft timer does? ).

Also notable that I compiled the code with debug symbols.

No core has been generated during crashes.  Is there some way to enable core dumps?

Overall I am very impressed with FS - would love to get the cause of these crashes nailed so I can press forward.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Best regards,


On 11/19/07, Michael Jerris
mike at jerris.com> wrote:

On 11/19/07, 
Freeswitch Freeswitch <freeswitch at 2ride.com> wrote:

Hello Freeswitch'rs,

I recently began using the latest freeswitch beta code as a pure B2BUA for the purpose of topology hiding of IP - PSTN calls. 

running env:
Linux b2bua 2.6.18 #6 SMP Thu Nov 16 10:35:45 EST 2006 i686 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            5140  @ 
2.33GHz GNU/Linux
Freeswitch version: FreeSwitch Version 1.0.pre1 (6220M)

The modules I am using are 711 and 729 codecs, sip, directory, xml_rpc, cdr, xml_cdr, console and syslog.

I am seeing what appears to be a memory leak.  Consumed memory continues to drop linearly based on number of calls.

Also had one core dump.
Can you provide details of the call scenarios you are testing, call rates, number of concurrent calls and any other details?

What can I do to help troubleshoot these issues?

Today I plan to stop using the CDR, rpc and logging modules to see if it makes a difference.
We have tested quite heavily with mod_console running, that should not be an issue. 

Also considering running on one of my fedora core 7 boxes instead of gentoo, again to see if anything changes.

We have had repeated issues with gentoo due to patches made either to gcc or to libc or the kernel.  It is the only os/distro that I highly suggest never using.


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