[Freeswitch-users] openzap compiling issue.

John Bittner john at simlab.net
Wed Nov 7 02:56:40 PST 2007

Any idea why openzap will not compile under freeswitch ?
This is the error I am getting. FYI ... I am running 64bit Redhat 5 ..

Compiling mod_openzap.c...
gcc -w -I../src/include -I../src/isdn/include -I/usr/src/freeswitch/src/include -I/usr/src/freeswitch/libs/libteletone/src -fPIC -Werror -g -O2 -Wall -std=c99 -pedantic -D_GNU_SOURCE -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -c -o mod_openzap.o mod_openzap.c
Creating mod_openzap.so...
/usr/bin/ld: ../libopenzap.a(zap_io.o): relocation R_X86_64_32S against `a local symbol' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
../libopenzap.a: could not read symbols: Bad value
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gcc -w -I../src/include -I../src/isdn/include -I/usr/src/freeswitch/src/include -I/usr/src/freeswitch/libs/libteletone/src -fPIC -Werror -g -O2 -Wall -std=c99 -pedantic -D_GNU_SOURCE -o .libs/mod_openzap.so -shared -Wl,-x mod_openzap.o -o .libs/mod_openzap.so  -lm -L/usr/local/lib /usr/src/freeswitch/.libs/libfreeswitch.so -lsqlite3 /usr/src/freeswitch/libs/apr/.libs/libapr-1.a -luuid -lrt -ldl -lcrypt -lpthread -L/usr/src/freeswitch/libs/srtp ../libopenzap.a  -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/usr/local/freeswitch/lib
make[5]: *** [mod_openzap.so] Error 1
make[4]: *** [all] Error 1

Any help appreciated.


John Bittner

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