[Freeswitch-users] Is Freeswitch for Windows production-ready?

Fred codecomplete at free.fr
Sun May 13 21:40:20 PDT 2007


At 23:53 13/05/2007 -0400, "Michael Jerris" <mike at jerris.com> wrote:
>Beyond that, it would be up to you to determine if the functionality you 
>need is there, and to test it out to see if it fits your needs and is 
>stable for your application.  Your feedback on this would be appreciated.

OK, I'll give it a shot... but since I'm not a C developper, I'll probably 
have a difficult time compiling the code :-/ Does someone have the binaries 
that I could install, or detailed instructions so I can try building it 
using a free compiler?


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