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Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Sun May 13 20:59:20 PDT 2007

The current status of the .NET support is the mod_mono C code is again
building clean (now using the newest mono release).  All of the
marshalling code is a bit out of date and will need some updating to
match our current api.  I know of at least 2 people who have stated
interest in looking at this.  At the time this code was originally
implemented, and presumably once the code is updated, you will be able
to write full FreeSWITCH(tm) modules using .net that would run using the
mono runtime.  We also have a set of ivr functions that should be easily
exposable to write ivr's using C# or other mono supported languages.  I
would expect more progress on this in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned, or
lend a hand with patches to get this code back to a good working state.






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Hi FreeSwitch Users Group,


I never saw any feedback on this thread and was hoping it was not dead.
I have successfully compiled the freeswitch.net C# Assembly, but am at
somewhat of a loss on the actual use of it.  With so many classes,
properties, methods and events and no documentation or samples, I am not
sure which direction to even take things.


Thanks so much in advance for letting me know if there is some
documentation available I am just not finding!


Josh Lloyd

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