[Freeswitch-users] .NET support

Martin Sørensen mrs at segtel.dk
Mon May 7 01:11:51 PDT 2007

Hi Jason. My and MikeJ is working on getting James's work up to speed... working with the new build system for FS and mono 1.2. Next task is getting all the marshalling working for FS/mono.


It is going pretty slow at the moment because of my work load... sow if you are able to help ;)



Regards Martin/mrs__



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Hi all,


I want to use  Freeswitch for a fairly complex IVR application. I really don't want to do it in javascript and would much prefer to use C#.


Can anyone tell me whether Freeswitch currently supports modules written in .NET languages?


If so, how do I go about developing one and configuring Freeswitch to use it?


If not is work currently in progress to provide this functionality?


I see from previous posts that James Martelletti was pretty active in this area, are you still working on this James?


I also noticed that mod_mono was recently removed from Freeswitch, but that there is a Freswitch.Net project within the solution. Has mod_mono been replaced by Freeswitch.NET? 


Many thanks,


Jason Steele




Jason Steele
IT Director 



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