[Freeswitch-users] Proxy Authentication Request

Helmut Kuper helmut.kuper at ewetel.de
Wed Feb 28 11:30:20 PST 2007


well I got it solved now ....

to configure my upstream provider I had to put freeswitch IP address
into this sofia conf fields

<param name="rtp-ip" value=""/>
<param name="sip-ip" value=""/>

This solved my "Invalid Session Description" resp. "invalid transport IP
address" due to DNS issues on my provider side.

Then I had to configure

<registration name="EWE TEL">

  <param name="register-from"
value="sip:032223930016 at sip01.voice.ewetel.de"/>

This is freeswitch's address in my providers voip domain

  <param name="register-to" value="sip:032223930016 at"/>

Dunno what exactly this does, but it tells my provider at least on which
IP address the number 032223930016 can be found.


I can do establish now a ring from uac, through freeswitch, through
provider, through PSTN to my old classic phone at office... quite long
way to get from pc mouse to phone on the desk ... ;)

Tomorrow I will test a real call when I'm back in office ...



after fixing my sofia configuration cause of my "invalid transport IP
address" problem I got a new problem :(

Freeswitch tries to set up a call to my upstream provider on behalf of
originating uac. My provider replies with a 407 "Proxy Authentication
Required". Freeswitch acknowledges to my provider and sends a 603
"Decline" message back to uac and terminates the call.

Looks all quite clean. But ... Shouldn't freeswitch send authentication
data to my provider as a response to 407 message? If so, is this data
the same as for registration? And further where can I tell freeswitch to
do so?


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