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Considering this an open source, a platform to unite multiple open source telephony applications and a community environment to maintain and modify, I think it will be wise to coin a name which transcends the similar feeling. Allowing animal names will defocus the product and the cause...
I believe if we put something like "CallPipe", "StreamCall", "PipeStream", "OpenStream", "UmlCore" (Unified messaging layer Core)

My 2 cents....

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  This exercise is a beast.. :-)
  How will the decision be made... via vote or benevolent dictator?  :-)

  On 2/21/07, Mitul Limbani < mitul at enterux.com> wrote:
    Cheetah, Mustang, Eagle, well i guess we have to keep animals out of 
    this business of logo :)

    I personally like the freeswitch logo number 2 posted on the polls.

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    Quoting Brian West <brian.west at mac.com>:

    > People get hung up on the wrong things. :P  I still vote for the 
    > Cheetah :)  Just look at a fact sheet on a Cheetah.  Could you do
    > 70mph? a cheetah can!
    > /b
    > On Feb 21, 2007, at 5:47 PM, Daniel Mullen wrote:
    >> Oh yes, the eagles, definitely pro-Albanian. And German, and many 
    >> more countries that have used it as their symbol long before there
    >> was a U.S. of A.

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