[Freeswitch-users] Special SIP scenario

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
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The originate syntax allows for multiple calls out with "and" (,) and
"or" (|) logic.  This should be documented on the wiki for originate
syntax.  This should also allow you to play a file to the answering
party and do key confirmation to initiate a bridge with the original
calling party.  As far as custom codecs, either for passthrough only, or
with transcoding, you would need to make a codec module, at least setup
to do the passthrough, the amr and g729 codecs in tree are a good
example of this.  Typically, you should not ever use codec numbers in
the static range (<97 I believe) unless they are officially assigned,
that being said, freeswitch will not keep you from writing a module that
will work for this.  If freeswitch is truly not in the media path at
all, you can use no media mode, which would pass through the sdp raw to
the other side, in which case you would not even need the passthrough
codec, as log of course as the endpoints knew how to handle the





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unfortunately no one answered til now. So i ask a bit different:


1. Is it possible to create a call to a SIP device where i can define
the MessageBody or SDP field on my own (as mentioned in first mail)?


I want to INVITE one sender (plays an announcement) and many receivers.
These INVITEs should be independent, so if one receiver is out of order
all others can be announced anyway.

2. Is it possible to invite a SIP device independend from others?

I tested: 

pacall device1; pacall device2; uuid_bridge sip_uuid1 sip_uuid2 -> this
is a little bit sick, i know ;)

originate sofia/domain/device1 device2 -> but this works only with 2
devices AND the INVITEs go out successively


Has this "media" command anything to do with it? 


Hope this clears more my problem.








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Hi all, 

I want to do a special SIP using and I dont know how to configure it
with: originate/bridge/transfer no_media and so on 
May be it is not possible with freeswitch? 

Here comes scenario: 
- one sender device that sends multicast RTP stream to network 
- one or more receiver devices that only receive RTP data from network 
The codec is a proprietary one (41), freeswitch can ignore all RTP data.

Sender has to get attributs: 
u=file:/C:/dap/123.wav <file:///C:\dap\123.wav>  
c=IN IP4 
t=0 0 
m=audio 7280 RTP/AVP 41 
a=rtpmap:41 PCMA/16000 

Receiver has to get attributs: 
c=IN IP4 
t=0 0 
m=audio 7280 RTP/AVP 41 
a=rtpmap:41 PCMA/16000 

Is it possible to use freeswitch API to do this? 

Many thanks in advance, 
Thomas Sluschny 

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