[Freeswitch-users] 2 SIP Lines, Difficulty Originating Call

Tamas Cseke cstomi.levlist at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 00:34:22 PDT 2007

Chris Danielson írta:
> If any one can help me, I am having two issues.  Basically, while my 
> javascript is executing a single inbound SIP call the script 
> conditionally gets to a point where the end-user can originate a call to 
> an external phone number.  Keep in mind that I have two sip lines 
> defined as gateways supplied by my carrier vonics.net.  Upon calling the 
> originate method, the call is actually placed and the destination phone 
> actually begins to ring.  At this point I still cannot hear the ringing 
> on the original session that was originated by my inbound call.  Also, 
> the originate method times out regardless of whether or not the 
> destination "phone" number was answered or not. 
> So my two issues are:
> 1)  Why does the originate method start a call, the destination phone 
> called actually rings, but always times out, regardless of whether or 
> not the phone was answered?
> 2)  When calling the originate method, I never hear the phone ringing on 
> my inbound connection.
You should call ring_ready app, if you want to hear the ringing afaik.

                /* set ringback tone */
                session.setVariable("ringback", "%(2000, 4000, 440.0, 
                session.execute("ring_ready", "");

I found these pages, maybe you can find more about it on wiki.

Hope this help!


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