[Freeswitch-users] Javascript input

Chris Danielson chris at maxpowersoft.com
Fri Aug 10 09:18:24 PDT 2007

To what purpose would having a streamFile abort without DTMF input?  If
the streamFile operation is going to require aborting then DTMF input or
voice recognition will be the means.  Jonas, your heart is in the right
place, but everything you have asked for is already implemented in a very
flexible manner within the JavaScript engine.
Chris Danielson

> Yes. The current architecture works just fine.
> I'm not saying that the current method should be removed. It's
> excellent in those cases when you want to filter input during
> streamFile and recordFile. But I still think that those cases are more
> rare than wanting to abort the speech.
> Consider this a feature request then: A new streamFile that do not eat
> DTMF but aborts the speech instead. Or simply a new argument that
> specifies that the method should abort instead of eating the DTMF.
> On 8/10/07, Mike Murdock <mmurdock at coppercom.com> wrote:
>> You do currently have the option to either continue playing the prompt
>> or abort the prompt. In order to collect the digits during the playing
>> of a prompt you must code a dtmf_callback handler. When a user presses a
>> digit your call back handler gets called. You can decide it the digit is
>> a valid one and if it is valid return "false" (or the digit) causing the
>> prompt to stop. If the digit is not valid you can ignore it by returning
>> "true" and the prompting will continue. While this does require the
>> application developer to code a digit handler it gives you a much richer
>> option for the handling of the results.
>> You are free to develop your own wrapper function to force the
>> particular behaviour you want. I have written a getdigits function in
>> javascript that you are welcome to use to get the behaviour you are
>> looking for.
>> Michael B. Murdock
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>> Why not simply make another streamFile method that aborts on input.
>> Then the user can choose which one he wants.
>> I can elaborate my wish too. I guess that you have used a lot of IVR
>> applications, right?
>> For instance, you call your phone provider and they have a IVR m

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