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That would make no sense because it is totally unreasonable to assume that everyone wants that behavior.  Why does *your* preference deserve to be the default behavior instead of mine?  If you need monolithic narrow minded approaches to ivr code I can recommend something else for you.
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I would like to have a change in the way that DTMF input are being used.

It would be much nicer if records and playing phrases are per default
aborted if a DTMF is pressed. This behavior should be overridden if
recordFile and streamFile have got a callback specified (which handles
if a DTMF should stops the recording/phrase or not).

I think that the most usual case is that DTMF aborts both recordings
and phrases, and it should therefore be the most easy alternative to
use. Right now, one have to use callbacks (which requires a lot more
work) to get the most common behavior.


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