[Freeswitch-users] Attention bsd and solaris users.

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Fri Apr 20 07:54:58 PDT 2007

I finished up the bulk of the porting to non gmake (bsd's make and
dmake) and to solaris last night.  There are a few little bits still
left to be done.  If there are any volunteers who would be willing to
contribute some patches, I would really appreciate it.  The things I
know of that still need a bit of work are as follows:

Portaudio:  Needs some work for both *BSD and solaris.

Xmprpc-c:  The library currently only builds with gmake.

Spidermonkey/nspr: This currently requires gmake as well.  The build now
works on solaris, but I need a wider array of testing on this.

Openldap:  It looks like this still does not currently build with sun
studio either on linux or or solaris.  This is the library itself, not
our module.

Any help on this or any other issues you find would be greatly


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