[Freeswitch-users] Sofia inbound calls

Michael Workman mworkman at imbroadcasting.net
Mon Apr 2 09:37:04 PDT 2007

This is because of project build settings in windows

Go to all the projects in your release build and change the following
Under "Configuration Properties->General"

Change the Following to 
"Character Set" = "Use Multi-Byte Character Set"
"Whole Program Optimization" = "No Whole Program Optimization"

This will fix the problem but you have to do this to Every project in Debug
and Release mode
For me it killed over 80% of the problems I have been having.

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I can't handle inbound sip calls, built on windows with release mode.

i built a release and debug version both in trunk and sip test branch.
It seems there is no difference.
In debug version both work, in release they don't.

This is the console log with release mode:


Michael Jerris wrote:

>2 things.
>1. could you build the debug build so you get an actual crash there 
>that we can troubleshoot.
>2. could you try the sofia sip test branch and see if this resolves the 
>problem.  I think it does.

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