[Freeswitch-users] mod_cdr related issues and notices

Yossi Neiman iaxteling at cartissolutions.com
Thu Oct 19 22:25:09 PDT 2006

Hey everybody,

I am not sure how many folks out there are using mod_cdr, but I hope at 
least some are.  I've written an ODBC backend for it, but I have not yet 
committed it to trunk yet as I've not been able to test it yet (I lost 
two workstations from overheating nforce4 chipsets, so I won't be able 
to test until I receive the replacements from Asus).  If anybody uses 
ODBC for other things, it would be great if somebody could work with me 
on testing it.  Please hop by the irc channel or the dev conference and 
seek me out.  Unfortunately we have no autoconf yet for mod_cdr, so it 
might require a little help from me to get it to build.

Additionally, for those of you who have been using mod_cdr, please note 
that the item that was named "ani2" has been renamed to "aniii".  The 
database schemas have been updated to match, as well as all the 
currently existing output backend classes.

I will soon be resuming work on mod_cdr.  Backends on my immediate list 
include SQLite and a more proper XML implementation.

Yossi Neiman
Cartis Solutions, Inc. - http://www.cartissolutions.com

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