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Tyler tyler at openmethods.com
Wed Dec 20 11:25:09 PST 2006

Hello Everyone....

 If you are building VoiceXML applications, you should check out
openVoiceXML, the only open source visual development tool for VoiceXM

OpenVXML is an open source GUI-Based IVR application development tool.
The tool consists of an application designer (Visio-like) and a runtime
that dynamically generates VoiceXML. 

OpenVXML is currently licensed under the Eclipse Public License and can
be found under the VTP project on Eclipse.org.I



There is a very helpful mailing list, documentation, and flash tutorials
to assist you in getting started with the tool (links below).

(Mailing List)




(Flash Tutorials)



Listed below are 5 good reasons to check out OpenVXML

1) The openVXML media system allows developers to build branded media
libraries with minimal effort that are simple to maintain. The
development tool also supports inheritance between brands, which allows
developers to do very little work when building multiple applications
that are functionally similar, but require different caller experiences,
such as when a retail application needs needs to support multiple lines
of business (business and cosumer).

2) The framework provides built-in modules that support database reads
and web service invocations without requiring custom coding.

3) Developers can extend the openVXML framework with custom modules to
perform specific back-end integration methods like message bus, complex
VUI tasks, or anything else possible in the Java language.

4)The framework contains an abstraction layer that allows it to be
customized for any possible voice platform; it even has the ability to
run on multiple VXML platforms concurrently, running against the same
application.  The runtime server and designer have been used with the
Genesys Voice Portal (GVP, Voxeo's Prophecy, VoxPilot, BeVocal and

 5) The openVXML Studio exports Java web applications that run on any
Java Servlets 2.3 compatible server, allowing users to deploy on
anything from single Tomcat instances to massive clusters of WebLogic


Because the designer is Eclipse based, you can run it on Windows, MacOS,
and most flavors of Linux.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please let m know what you think of
the tool.



Tyler VanWinkle


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