[Freeswitch-biz] need hired help finding audio loss problem

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 00:58:02 MSK 2013

I've been fighting with this problem for over a week.

I'm losing audio when calling devices on the AT&T wireless network via
an Adtran Total Access 908e 2nd Gen.

I have proof that audio is being sent to the FreeSWITCH, but
FreeSWITCH's recordings of the calls drop audio whenever I stop
hearing it on the phone.

I need to hire an expert who can look at what my system is doing, find
a configuration or help develop a patch ( maybe identify a new NDLB
flag that's needed ) to get my setup working.

Please contact me at the email address below, thanks.

Royce Mitchell
IT Consultant
ITAS Solutions
royce3 at itas-solutions.com

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