[Freeswitch-biz] Seeking Technical Help for Quality Issues

Avi Marcus avi at freeswitch.org
Sat Feb 16 21:32:21 MSK 2013

I'm interested in hiring someone to help identify and track down quality
issues, for just a few hours a month when issues come up that I can't

I've been running a calling card and residential VoIP line for over a year.
There are sporadic quality issues - DTMF, claims of crackling, dropped
packets, out of sync audio, etc.
Also, for the residential voip I rely on the SPA-2102 and it's generally
been pretty good. However, when things don't quite work (e.g. no call
waiting not working, constant reboots, losing connection) the device
doesn't seem that helpful in debugging.

I'm wondering if there's someone that can take a look at the CDRs, PCAPs,
logs, etc and help figure out what's going wrong, especially analyzing RTP
in PCAPs. This seems to be a skill much different than the basic config and
routing issues I'm familiar with...

Please contact me directly via email if this could be a fit.

-Avi Marcus
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