[Freeswitch-biz] Seeking FS consultant for Indian startup

Neil Patel neil at awaaz.de
Sun Aug 4 12:15:45 MSD 2013

Awaaz.De <http://awaaz.de/> is a startup in India providing products and
services that combine IVR and web. Our flagship product,
is a group voice messaging app that lets a user create voice message groups
and send recorded voice messages to group members through phone calls.

Awaaz.De seeks a telephony software consultant to evaluate Awaaz.De’s
telephony software stack (built on FreeSWITCH) and identify areas to
improve its reliability, scalability, security and speed.



   Review Awaaz.De’s telephony stack from the ground up. Understand how
   Awaaz.De’s products work and how FS fits in. Suggest and implement ways to
   improve the reliability, scalability, security, and responsiveness of
   current Lua-based IVR apps.

   Evaluate Awaaz.De’s international calling solution. Recommend and
   implement changes to improve reliability and consistency of service across
   different countries (currently Brazil, China, Mexico, Columbia).

   Fix a few long-standing bugs in Awaaz.De’s production FS installations
   and apps

   Recommend architectural changes to Awaaz.De’s IVR codebase to meet the
   long-term goals of Awaaz.De’s products and services.

Ideal Qualifications


   5+ years developing production-level software for or on top of FreeSWITCH

   3+ years with Lua, PRI, FreeTDM, Sangoma hardware

   3+ years developing international VoIP solutions

   Full-time, six weeks initial contract period (extension if required)
   - Willing and able to travel to Gujarat, India (travel will be covered,
   we will help arrange your local accommodations)

Full job description here: http://bit.ly/awaazde-telephony-consultant

Competitive compensation. Interested? please contact us at jobs at awaaz.de

Awaaz.De <http://awaaz.de/> / who <http://awaaz.de/users/> /
 / where <http://awaaz.de/about-us/>
(m) +91 9586550654
(skp) neil_g_patel
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