[Freeswitch-biz] The Edvina SIP Masterclass v2.0 in Miami FL - Dec 10-14 2012

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Tue Oct 30 10:09:36 MSK 2012

In December, I'm running the new Edvina SIP Masterclass in Miami Florida. This is the first time in many years I'm running a training in the USA.  Want to learn more about the OpenSER/Kamailio SIP Server and the SIP Protocol through labs and presentations given by a teacher with ten years of experience in building large scale SIP networks? Register now to get seats! Email info at edvina.net for details.


I've been running a class named "The Asterisk SIP Masterclass" for many years, as well as a large number of in-house classes for developers, VoIP management teams and call centers. When you do that, you add information to the slide deck every time. And you keep adding. After a few years, you have too many slides for the class and you gotta change. So that's exactly what I did. I've removed the Asterisk part and added more about SIP and much, much more about Kamailio and how to operate Kamailio in a network with a media server like FreeSwitch, Asterisk or a proprietary box.

This class is for users of Asterisk and FreeSwitch that wants to learn how to build larger, scalable and open SIP networks with Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server. The class interactively teaches you SIP and Kamailio, building a platform step by step. When you leave the class, you should know much more about how SIP works and how Kamailio can scale your existing solution or be the new platform for a Unified Communication network.

	• The SIP Protocol
	• Kamailio – the SIP server
	• SIP call flows: Call transfers
	• SIP: Forking and routing
	• Kamailio – transactions and forking
	• SIP Media: RTP, RTCP and QoS issues
	• SIP NAT traversal: Stun, Turn, Outbound
	• SIP presence infrastructure: SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY, PUBLISH
	• SIP Dialogs, dialog states, blinking lamps
	• SIP messaging and presence: SIMPLE and MSRP
	• Kamailio messaging and presence
	• Building SIP services with Kamailio and a media server (Asterisk, FreeSwitch)
	• SIP load balancing and failover, DNS
	• Kamailio: DNS, failover with Dispatcher
	• SIP security: TLS, S/MIME, SRTP, SIP identity

In the class, we will mix generic SIP presentations with implementation-specific presentations covering Kamailio and then put everything together in labs. You bring your own laptop with a Linux virtual machine. You are of course free to bring any SIP devices you have and want to use during the training!

Contact me today if you have any questions or just want to reserve a seat. Details about location, prices and the class is available on the Edvina web site at this address:

Looking forward to meeting you in Florida!

/Olle Johansson

* Olle E. Johansson - oej at edvina.net
* Kamailio & SIP Masterclass Miami FL December 2012
* http://edvina.net/training/

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