[Freeswitch-biz] voice bulletin board requirement

Rodney notlikeme75 at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 00:15:53 MSD 2012

we are looking for a talented FS developer that can create a "voice bulletin board application" that will be accessible from our IVR system. This will need to have basic recording functionality and playback in a LIFO method. 

scenario. user selects voice bbs option from ivr and gets transferred to your module programmed in lua or other compatible language with our windows server 2008 implementation of FS. the caller is provided an option to play or listen to other callers public messages, or record one of their own. module must have ability to set message length and be able to be duplicated to have multiple voice bbs's on same ivr system.  ivr owner must be able to set max messages held. ie. 30 or so.

additional options wanted but not necessary with initial development if costs run to high. 

1. ability to limit the amount of messages per call
2. spam reporting which if more than one <--  (editable) user based on cid/animarks as spam then message gets auto deleted
3. admin functionality so ivr owner can delete messages deemed not acceptable.
3. possible moderated voice bbs function if ivr owner would like to have a "moderated vbbs"

to listen to how a similar system works. please call our competitors public chatline 2 1 8-8 9 5-2 0 8 0 and choose option #2 from the main menu.

If you are interested in this gig then please contact me with your expected turn around time, estimate on costs and experience. 

email >> voiceserver03 @ gmail
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