[Freeswitch-users] Issues with RFC2833 Telephony events SRTP to RTP

Jonathan Hunter jhunter at voxboxcoms.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 22:46:31 UTC 2023

HI all,

Hope you are well?

We are running version 1.10.8 and are testing some call flow scenarios
where we transit DTMF over SRTP to RTP using telephony events and are
seeing some strange scenarios.

One being losing # digit when I can see it be received on the SRTP side, it
is not passed out over RTP leg if it is the first digit received in a
Likewise over SRTP we get digit event 8, however Freeswitch sees this as a
digit event 15 D and sends that out over RTP.

This is also intermittent. to add to the fun!

Has anyone experienced this before or have any tips on what might cause it?

Many thanks

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