[Freeswitch-users] mod_httapi usage/popular?

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Thu Jan 5 16:09:44 UTC 2023

Both mod_xml_curl and mod_httapi work quite well in production, been using both for years. At some point you will reach a max performance level and will either need to horizontally scale the load by adding more FreeSWITCH boxes and some sort of front end load balancer for the SIP side (OpenSIPS or Kamailio) but this works very well.




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mod_httapi appears to be handy alternative to calling embedded language scripts for ad-hoc dialplan interactions.  I can see a lot of potential for this, do many people use it?  If you have used it in production would you share any experiences good or bad?  Any hints or tips or gotchas to avoid?

The reason for me asking this, is that I'm having second thoughts about using Python and I really don't like Lua.


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