[Freeswitch-users] Retiring the FreeSWITCH Mailing list

Adrian Fretwell adrian at a2es.co.uk
Wed Jan 4 20:31:00 UTC 2023


Before the list closes, can you point me in a direction where I may get 
some help with mod_python.  Most simple python scripts work with no 
issues but I have run into a few anomalies and dare I say bugs whilst 
trying to use python as an XML handler.

My guess is that very few use python or my questions have been too 
development orientated for this list.  I have pretty much given up on 
using python for XML handling, switching to mod_xml_curl instead, but I 
would like to continue being able to call python from the dialplan, 
however my difficulty in finding help with python in FreeSWITCH has made 
me concerned about future support for python.

Kind regards,

Adrian Fretwell
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