[Freeswitch-users] Retiring the FreeSWITCH Mailing list

John Covici covici at ccs.covici.com
Wed Jan 4 05:11:25 UTC 2023

I tried to join the forum, but it requires a captcha and I could not figure out the challenge.  One of the reasons I hate forums.  Can you bypass this for me?
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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] Retiring the FreeSWITCH Mailing list
Most of you already know me, but for anyone that doesn’t - I’m one of the founders of FreeSWITCH, and I’m the primary administrator for the mailing list.
This mailing list has served the community well for almost 15 years now. As the mailing list has grown continuously larger and been stretched to the limits of its capabilities, it has been running into bigger issues. Especially in the last year, we’ve seen numerous issues that prevent people from joining and participating – bounces, unintended unsubscribes, spam filtering, and more. 
We didn’t want to shut down the mailing list without having a replacement set up, and a forum was the obvious choice – the community has been requesting a proper forum for years now. In addition to being more easily accessible and searchable, we hope the forum will simply be a better experience for everyone using it compared to the mailing list. 
To join the new forum, visit  <https://forum.signalwire.community/> forum.signalwire.community - it uses SSO from your free SignalWire account, which allows us to be more lenient with moderation because we've got an assumed level of trust, and also reduces the overall level of spam in the forums. We've got the forum set so you can view without an account, so check it out with no obligation.
If you’d like to receive updates via email, you can set that up in your user preferences on the forum. You can even reply to forum topics via email, though you’ll need to visit the forum to start a new topic (top level post). Also note the digest/summary emails will stop sending if you don’t log into the site periodically: currently you need to log in every 180 days.
Not interested in the forum, but still looking for community spaces? You’re welcome to join our  <https://slack.signalwire.community/> Community Slack, join the  <https://www.reddit.com/r/freeswitch/> subreddit, or attend our  <https://mailchi.mp/freeswitch.org/office-hours> Office Hours. 
If you want to continue using the mailing list until we sunset it, you’re welcome to do so. We’ve disabled new sign ups as of today, and we’ll formally stop supporting it as of March 15, 2023. This should give everyone plenty of time to set up in our other community spaces. 
Brian West | Co-founder and Developer
Email: brian at freeswitch.com <mailto:brian at freeswitch.com> 
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