[Freeswitch-users] Dial string issue for multiple registrations contact

Piccinin Francesco francesco.piccinin at insiel.it
Mon Sep 26 10:29:31 UTC 2022

hello to everyone,  I'm taking my first steps on this wonderful software!
I have a little problem:

in a lua script I'm forging a dialstring like this:
{option1=value1, option2=value2}[presence_id=1001 at domainA]${sofia_contact(user/1001 at domainA)},[presence_id=1002 at domainA]${sofia_contact(user/1002 at domainA)}

suppose that users have both 2 active registrations, the desired dialstring should be:
{option1=value1, option2=value2}[presence_id=1001 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1001 at,[presence_id=1001 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1001 at,[presence_id=1002 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1002 at,[presence_id=1002 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1002 at

Since {sofia_contact(user/1001 at domainA)} is expanded in a list of comma separated values, what I get is: (spaces for readeability):
{option1=value1, option2=value2}[presence_id=1001 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1001 at,sofia/internal/sip:1001 at,[presence_id=1002 at domainA]sofia/internal/sip:1002 at,sofia/internal/sip:1002 at

so, only one registration per extensions gets the presence_id parameter.

I also tried to manipulate the sintax adding parenthesis but it was not accpeted and errors returned.

Is it a way to achieve the desired dialstring?many thanks!


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