[Freeswitch-users] RTP ptime changed multiple times

Jose Fco. Irles DurĂ¡ josefu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 08:04:03 UTC 2022

Hello, I have a problem with some calls where the rtp stream from the other
side changes the rtp ptime multiple times.

I make a call with the sdp line "a=ptime:20" but the initial rtp comes with
40ms ptime.
FreeSWITCH detects it and changes the ptime to 40ms and all works ok.
Later in the conversation, without any re-invite, the rtp stream changed to
20ms. At this moment, FreeSWITCH does not detect the change and the audio
sended by FreeSWITCH to the other legs is choppy.

I think that the problem is on the other side, but the other side is a big
operator and always this is a problem to solve issues.

I tried to set "rtp_media_autofix_timing", but if I set this property, the
first part of the conversation is discarded (ptime at 40ms, silence in my
phone) and later I can listen the audio (when the ptime=20ms).

Is there any solution for this?

Best regards

Jose Fco. Irles DurĂ¡
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