[Freeswitch-users] Conflicting settings in SIP profile in vanilla demo

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When a user is autoauthenticated, do the variables from the user profile get applied?  Or does that happen only during true authentication?


I’m trying to explain a strange behavior of a user being processed in the wrong dialplan context if I add the user’s subnet to the ‘domains’ acl as a cidr.  (A separate post topic)



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no, it means users that match the acl are auto authenticated. 

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I am working with a simple FreeSWITCH installation, with the vanilla demo configuration. I see that the Internal SIP profile contains:


  <param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="domains"/>

  <param name="auth-calls" value="$${internal_auth_calls}"/>


The first line means that if a caller's IP is on the 'domains' list that they do NOT need to authenticate. The second line means that in order to use this SIP profile the user MUST be authenticated (internal_auth_calls is true).


Aren't these two lines contradictory? Why allow a user to not authenticate for this SIP profile, and then say they must authenticate to use this SIP profile?


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