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I’m afraid I don’t understand your answer…how did I disable auth on internal?  I’m working from the basic installation (RPM on CentOS8) with vanilla config (RPM for CentOS8)) and all I’ve done is update some addresses.


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You've disabled auth on internal which puts you into public... can you elaborate?


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Based on a old posting I found, I suspect this may be acl related.  I added the cidr below, could that be the cause?  If so, can someone explain how that affects context selection?


    <list name="domains" default="deny">

      <node type="allow" domain="$${domain}"/>

      <node type="allow" cidr=" <> "/>





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I have installed basic FreeSWITCH with the vanilla config. So far so good. My client app can authenticate fine as user 1019. The list_users command shows the 1019 id as in the "default" context.

I then try to dial 5000 (which should be the IVR demo), but instead the call is processed as an outside_call (true) so I cannot reach the ivr. I see this interesting line on the console:

2022-11-20 17:00:58.066297 98.20% [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:639 Processing testuser<1019>->5000 in context public

Why is user 1019 being processed in the public context? The user's configuration shows it in the default context. So shouldn't it be processed in context 'default' (internal calls), not 'public'?


Since my phone client connects to port 5060 (I can’t actually change it) it SHOULD be treated as internal.  Unless, mod_dialplan_xml uses some other criteria to select the context for the user.


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