[Freeswitch-users] dialplan outcall conference

Jerry Kendall Jerry.Kendall at BishopHosting.com
Fri Dec 30 07:33:55 UTC 2022

Hi all...

I would like to create a dialplan conference.

I would like the have this dialplan conference make outcalls to a group of maybe 20 devices

This, I know is all basic stuff... I can already do this - usually use it for Paging Groups... Works great.

However, I'd like to set the max_members at 2 and still have the outcalls happen and have the 20 or so devices ring as per normal.

Now, assuming someone dials the conference number that hits this dialplan - this being member number 1

Here's the catch, Is there a way to have mod_conference, once the first ringing device (out of the 20 or so..) answers (hence the max_members = 2), send a CANCEL to all the other INVITEes..????

Thanks in advance for all your ideas...


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