[Freeswitch-users] continue-on-fail with conference & Bridge

avoid gray zoop at hyelucene.com
Wed Dec 28 03:35:16 UTC 2022

I ran into something I was wondering if there is a work around for or if 
it would be something easy I could match a patch for.

when using the "conference bridge:confname:1000@${domain_name}" 
structure.  the options hangup-after-bridge and continue-on-fail don't 
seem to work like they would with just using bridge.   Generally I am 
starting a conference just between two legs to start with.  In my case 
an Inbound call, then having the system dial a WebRTC logged in user.  
If that users rejects the call or doesn't answer etc.  the dialplan 
cannot continue forward the conference failure ends up hanging up the 
I am hoping there is some other option I didn't find or maybe something 
that I can work out and adjust if I could be given a little direction on 
where is the right place to look.


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