[Freeswitch-users] mod_python3 - python_fetch

Adrian Fretwell adrian at a2es.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 21:51:29 UTC 2022


I notice that in mod_python3.c there are some parameters passed to the 
python_fetch function that do not appear to be used:

static switch_xml_t python_fetch(const char *section, const char 
*tag_name, const char *key_name, const char *key_value, switch_event_t 
*params, void *user_data)

section, tag_name, key_name and key_vlaue do not appear to be passed 
into the python interpreter  Where as in the lua language equivalent 
they are passed through.

Can anyone help me work out how to get these variables made visible 
within the python environment?  I believe there are key to making a 
python based xml handler.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Adrian Fretwell
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