[Freeswitch-users] Updating caller id with attended transfer while phone still ringing

Rahman Duran rahman.duran at erzurum.edu.tr
Thu Oct 28 08:00:30 UTC 2021


When doing attended transfer (A -> B -> attended transfer -> C) C only
updates its caller id display when it answers the call. Is there anyway to
update caller id on C, when B transfer the call while its still ringing?

The problem is we have some Cisco and Samsung SIP phones that does not have
a real "Blind Transfer" support. If you want to transfer without talking to
"C", you just press the transfer button quickly, while C starts to ring. So
I want to send the updated caller id to "C" after "B" transferred but
before "C" answers.

I have Yeastar PBX (asterisk based) works just like that but I can't
figure out how to do it with freeswitch.


Rahman Duran
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