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Spoke too soon. Seems to be a memory leak doing it this way - will simplify and add a JIRA.

Switched to an Announce conference - portaudio is deaf, every autocall is mute. Still had to use loopback - @conference(Announce) doesn’t work.

Emailing for the sake of future searches.
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Can't seem to do this at the call level, so have set up an autocall to the eavesdrop when the conference is made.

Then when the local resources access the conference, they put the eavesdrop call on hold and then store the UUID of that call in a lookup with the conference name.
The hangup hook on those local resources checks the conference xml_list and sees how many local members are left, and if none takes the eavesdrop off hold.

No loopback, resources seem OK. I'd prefer to do it pre-conference, but will see how this goes.

Any advice still welcome.

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Subject: Sending announcements to all callers

I have a system where a user dials in, get authenticated and placed into a standard conference. Other local resources get added to the conferences as needed, and that is working well.

For safety reasons, we need to play a single incoming PortAudio channel to all dialed in users.

If I do an auto call or originate I can add a deaf member to each conference which is a loopback to an eavesdrop. This is messy but works.

However, it uses a lot of resources and now my local people have the announcements twice, with delay.

What I want is just to send audio out to those dialing in.

I have tried sending eavesdropping just to the incoming call but it won’t let me then join a conference through the dialplan - processing stops at the eavesdrop.

I see broadcast but can only send tones or saved files.

Ideally the incoming external callers would hear the announcements and not the conferences themselves. I’d like to avoid loopback, too.

Does anyone have ideas, please?
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