[Freeswitch-users] Postgress BDR insert failed for "complete" table

Abdirahman Osman abdirahman.osm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 15:32:48 UTC 2021


I am using postgres  with BDR bidirectional replication which requires
primary keys for the freeswitch tables.

 So far so good , except freeswitch is complaining about one table here is
the error

2021-10-26 23:40:47.772796 95.47% [DEBUG] mod_pgsql.c:784 Query (insert
into complete values (0,'hash_remote', 'list', '', '', '', '', '', '', '',
'',  'dagobah-api-gw-1-2')) returned PGRES_FATAL_ERROR
2021-10-26 23:40:47.772796 95.47% [ERR] mod_pgsql.c:551 Error executing
ERROR:  column "complete_uuid" is of type uuid but expression is of type
LINE 1: insert into complete values (0,'hash_remote', 'list', '', ''...

What I noticed is that freeswitch is doing an INSERT INTO command with no
column names specified. I checked the source code and found this to be the
only case for the "complete" table whereas the other tables when INSERT
INTO is used column names are specified.

Here is the structure of my  complete table with the new column
complete_uuid as primary key.

CREATE TABLE :myschema.complete (
complete_uuid uuid DEFAULT public.gen_random_uuid() PRIMARY KEY,
sticky  INTEGER,
a1  VARCHAR(128),
a2  VARCHAR(128),
a3  VARCHAR(128),
a4  VARCHAR(128),
a5  VARCHAR(128),
a6  VARCHAR(128),
a7  VARCHAR(128),
a8  VARCHAR(128),
a9  VARCHAR(128),
a10 VARCHAR(128),
hostname VARCHAR(256)

Any suggestions?


Abdirahman A. Osman
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