[Freeswitch-users] User-to-User RFC 7433

Adrian Worutowicz adrian.worutowicz at esifrance.net
Mon Oct 11 12:49:53 UTC 2021


I need to add the User-to-User field to the SIP header - for incoming calls.
I have not managed to do it (neither for incoming nor for outgoing calls).

In ./conf/dialplan/default.xml,  <extension> section, I added :

<action application="set" data="sip_h_User-to-User=123"/>
<action application="set"><![CDATA[sip_h_User-to-User=${sip_Call_ID};tenant=1101;DID=${sip_to_user}]]></action>

No result.

In sofia_presence.c, I've seen some code for "User-to-User", so it should be possible. But how to do it ?

Best regards,

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