[Freeswitch-users] mod_fifo onhook member uuid not expanding

Bipin Patel bipin at xbipin.com
Thu Oct 7 12:04:20 UTC 2021


im pretty much stuck in this situation where I have users dialing into a 
DID which FS answers and places callers in a fifo queue, the calls get 
bridged to on-hook members from the fifo list, they want the ability to 
press *2 at anytime to record the call, all this works but I need to 
store the recording filename with the uuid which doesnt seem to expand 
at all

my diaplan is as below:
     <extension name="support_fifo">
         <condition field="destination_number" expression="^0001$">
             <action application="answer"/>
             <action application="set" 
             <action application="set" data="fifo_chime_freq=15"/>
             <action application="set" data="fifo_orbit_dialplan=XML"/>
             <action application="set" 
             <action application="set" 
             <action application="set" 
             <action application="fifo" data="support_fifo@$${domain} in 
undef $${base_dir}/sounds/music/8000/moh.wav"/>

my fifo config is as below:
         <fifo name="support_fifo@$${domain}" importance="0">
             <member timeout="15" simo="1" 
lag="5">{execute_on_answer='bind_meta_app 2 a s 

anyways to pass any sort of uuid from the dialplan or get the uuid of 
the originating channel using any variables?

any help is very much appreciated


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