[Freeswitch-users] Question regarding continuous SIP trace with Freeswitch

Gregor Maier freeswitch13 at mailbox.org
Tue Nov 9 15:53:49 UTC 2021

Hello David,

On 09.11.21 at 10:41 David Villasmil wrote:
> If you have the certs, sure you can decrypt it all. (And you must have,
> since FS can manage the traffic).

=> No, if FS doesn't act as server (from a TCP perspective - not SIP), FS doesn't need and has no certificates at all. Connecting to a trunk via *flows* (this is standard 
(here) for trunks for home / private or small business internet customers (usually behind NAT)) doesn't need any server part at all.

> Otherwise, look at the profile’s
> https://github.com/signalwire/freeswitch/blob/master/conf/vanilla/autoload_configs/sofia.conf.xml
> Capture-server to some ip fs will
> Simply send there a copy of all messages. You can then catch them on that
> side.

That's exactly what's used by homer (heplify-server). Or sngrep. See my other post regarding those tools.


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