Question regarding continuous SIP trace with Freeswitch

Gregor Maier freeswitch13 at
Tue Nov 2 20:03:22 UTC 2021


I'm currently struggling how to continuously trace all SIP packages from and to Freeswitch. Tcpdump or sngrep solely or similar tools aren't a solution, because SIP is 
encrypted (TLS). Asterisk provides an internal interface which logs all (or only restricted hosts e.g.) SIP packages to pcap (after decryption or before encryption of course).

I found - but there is no solution which handles the case "registering as client to a providers SIP 
server" (there is no local private key involved - the provider is the owner of the private key).

Voipmonitor is pretty oversized for the planned use case (home server running on an APU 4 device ( on a sd card).

Is there a similar and practical way how Freeswitch can log SIP packages to pcap?


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