[Freeswitch-users] Internal Interface suddenly freezes

Stefan Kainz s.kainz at wnt.at
Mon Mar 29 11:49:24 UTC 2021

Thank you for your answer!

Hmm, I also tested it on two completely different servers ( no virtualization ) and the problem exists on both.
Im also going to try it on a third server, also completely different, but I cant really image that this is a hardware-thing …

We also have many freeswitch servers in production ( Exactly the same hardware as the server with the problem ).
The only difference is that one of those servers handles registrations, and one doesn’t.
The one handling the registrations has the problem, the other one doesn’t.

Its really strange …


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That looks to be more on the hardware side than software. It’d be an extremely coincidence those versions and all those OS have some issue somewhere.
Change hardware.

On Sun, 28 Mar 2021 at 09:12, Stefan Kainz <s.kainz at wnt.at<mailto:s.kainz at wnt.at>> wrote:
Hi everbody,

I have a little bit of a problem.
Im using Version 1.10.3. ( but this problem also occurs on version 1.4.18 )

Sometimes the internal Sofia interface just stops responding to SIP Requests.
It sometimes happens once every day, and sometimes once a week.
It happens at completely random times, like one day in the morning, and the next day in the middle of the night.
The freeswitch.log gives me nothing, its like the Sofia interface was stopped.

When I try to restart the interface with "sofia profile internal restart” nothing happens. The fs_cli just remains stuck with that command.

The solution is to restart the freeswitch service.

Sometimes when I recognise it too late, for example in the middle of the night, it seems like the problem solves itself after about 2 hours.
The profile just starts working again, without somebody doing anything.

I have checked a variety of things, including the firewall & fail2ban, network connection, made sure watchdog is disabled, and also tested it on different Debian-versions and freeswitch versions.
It seems this problem occurs on every freeswitch version i have tested.

The external-profile on the other hand, keeps working like nothing happened.

Both Interfaces listen on the same network-device with a public ip.
The only difference is, the internal profile uses a Lua file to handle registrations.

Has anybody come across anything similar?

Any help is much appreciated!



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