[Freeswitch-users] BLF under high load

Peter Steinbach lists at telefaks.de
Wed Mar 10 15:54:53 UTC 2021


we have a Freeswitch installation for a multi tenant environment. We
have extensively tested our Freeswitch for all call scenarios and all
worked fine. This is the good news.

However, under higher load (>250 Channels and  >6000 Subscriptions),
presence does not seem to work reliably. I've found some ealier posts on
this issue, which seem to lead to the following 2 solutions

  * use PostgreSQL (we use Mariadb via ODBC, also tested mod_mariadb,
    which made things worse)
  * Move presence handling to Kamailio

As your environment is based on MySQL, we do not want to move to
PostgreSQL without knowing, whether this will improve the situation.

So far we are catching events via ESL or even grepping the network and
correct the status of presence informatons sent to the phone. However we
discover, that even if we send corrected PRESENCE_IN via event socket,
our Freeswitch keeps on sending the wrong BLF information afterwards to
the phone. Means BLFs are blinking or in state red event if the watched
phone is not in a call. So at present we are grepping all presence
informations on the network, crosscheck this with the channels table and
resend the corrected BLF status via event_socket if needed. But still
this is not sufficiant.

So I am now asking the community: What is your approach to overcome this?

  * Do newer Freeswitch versions perform better for this case?(Ours is
    "FreeSWITCH Version 1.10.5-release+git~20200818T185121Z")
  * which work have you done to overcome this?
  * does anybody have an idea how to query all internal presence status
    from Freewitch or maybe how to correct it?

Thank you in advance. Any help is appreciated.


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