[Freeswitch-users] using mod_unimrcp to transcribe voicemails

Lewis Bergman lewis.bergman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 04:07:06 UTC 2021

Thanks for the response but I have looked at those.

> https://docs.fusionpbx.com/en/latest/applications/voicemail_transcription.html?highlight=transcribe
The file that these setting use is
None of the options there (presumably custom) fit, or I don't believe they
will work, for mod_unimrcp.

> And https://docs.fusionpbx.com/en/latest/applications/voicemail.html
I have looked at this one as well but I did find that on further review I
don't have the file mentioned at the very end on my system -
applications/voicemail_transcription.rst . That would seem to be important.
Maybe that is my missing link. Have you been able to get mod_unimrcp
working for vm transcription? I would think it is a fairly common thing to
do with unimrcp and freeswitch.
Thanks for your help,
Lewis Bergman
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